Abdu Rozik is a Tajikistani singer and internet star. He is regarded as one of the worldwide smallest vocalists.


Abdu rozik age of barely eighteen, Rozik shared the stage alongside some of the top Grammy and Oscar winners in Bollywood.Abdu Rozik rose to fame on the world Wide Web with his Tajik music. Vatan Modar and Chi Dili Zor are a couple of his best tunes. The YouTuber’s popularity has never been eclipsed by his hereditary issue. On the other hand, one of the explanations why people adore him is how small he is. Savriqul Muhammadroziqi is the true identity of Abdu Rozik. The musician from Tajikistan has a large following on the internet. He performs as a performer, boxer, and lyricist. Abdu thinks he’s the tiniest singer ever.


As the most tiny singer in the entire globe, he has acquired the record. Abdu was diagnosed with the condition as a toddler, a condition caused by a lack of development hormone that was treatable with the right care. However, because of their precarious economic circumstances, his loved ones were unable to pay for his medical care. His physical maturation was consequently limited. When questioned in a discussion about how his health had impacted his self-assurance.


One of Abdu Rozik’s conditions is his low stature. The ageing sickness that affects Abdul Rozik is his agelessness. Although becoming a mature individual, he has a childlike appearance. He looked like a child who was eight years old, but Abdullah knew that wasn’t the reality. It shouldn’t grow for any other reason as well. The renowned musician has development hormone insufficiency, a condition of the genome that causes him to be notably smaller than typical.

His most visible participation was on the Avlod Media YouTube channel, which has over 524k subscribers and 80,442,597 watches. He mostly provides images and movies to his Avlod Media colleagues and participants, such as Baron Nabiev, Tamaev Asxab, and other people.


On the social media platform, Abdu Rozik has an account. He has a total of 1.7 million followers and has posted more than 338 postings on the above-mentioned social networking site. He also publishes photos of himself alongside Muhammad Heibati, a Persian mixed martial artist. He likewise has a profile on TikTok with 15.7k supporters as well as 106.1k can imagine.


Rooh Afza and Savriqul Mohhamed are Abdu Rozik’s parents. The identity of Abdu Rozik’s sibling has not yet been revealed. There are two brothers and two sisters for Abdu Rozik. Abdu Rozik is a Tajik singer who performs worldwide. Although a native of Tajikistan, he quickly garnered popularity and recognition because of his distinctive talent for performing Tajik rap tunes.

He might be viewing content from the Avalon Media channel on YouTube. He has approximately 350K subscribers on his channel. The latest developments in the Abdu vs. Hasbulla Conflict are also garnering attention for him in the mainstream press. He’s declared a number of renowned initials. Because of his bout against Hasbulla Magomedov, aka Mini Khabib, he became widely recognized.

Abdu Rozik’s mom and dad learned that their son suffered osteoporosis at an early age. Savriqul Mohhamed is the full name of Abdu Rozik’s dad, and Rooh Afza is his mom.

A dose of vitamin D deficiency leads to the bone disease rickets, which makes bones in kids weak and inflexible. Due to financial constraints, Abdu’s father was unwilling to get him the appropriate healthcare, making him the youngest of his four brothers and sisters.

He only uploaded his tracks on the Avlod Media site on YouTube. He has pronounced Oshiqami, Ohi Dili Zor, Chaki Chaki Boron, and other songs to be famous.

Since Abdu Rozik is single, his spouse is nobody. Despite having previously stated in a conversation that he is in a relationship.

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At a local secondary school, Abdu Rozik finished his 10th grade education. He isn’t currently enrolled in any postsecondary schools. He had always loved songs, even as a small child. Exposure to music gives him the motivation for singing. At first, Bekhruz Zugurov recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue his goals.


Because of his rising notoriety, he has had the opportunity to meet many famous people, such as boxer Amir Khan and Mo Salah. Additionally, Abdu has received a request from the upscale Belhasa resort. Now, followers will have the opportunity to get to know Abdu Rozik during a Meet & Greet event that he has planned.

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