Do you like hair tinsel and have any ideas about it?

Individual shimmering thread strands are known as hair tinsel. You can temporarily affix tinsel, and your hair looks beautiful and dimensional. On social media, they’re frequently referred to as “fairy hair”. It is comparable to extensions for hair.

Perfect fashionable look

It is the perfect fashionable answer in a multitude of colours for any circumstance. Unlike hair colouring, this tinsel is only temporary and doesn’t damage your hair strands when used properly. For a brief period, it is perfect if you’re searching for a fun way to switch up your appearance. This tinsel can also be used to enhance your Halloween ensemble.

Whether you agree with it or not, it looks fantastic when celebrities brazenly attach glittering tinsel to their hair. It conveys a whimsical quality that other hair trends lack, in addition to giving glittering hair a whole new meaning. You can try it without bleaching or colouring your hair because it’s only temporary. Making a pricey salon appointment is not necessary if you would like to try tinsel. It’s easy enough to complete at home.

 Method for applying

The split-knot method is the best temporary solution if you would like to flaunt hair tinsel for a short while. All it takes to get the look is slightly of attention to detail and glitter. These are the actions we did:

First, use a comb to loosen any knots in your hair. Applying the tinsel will therefore be easy.

On either side of your part, take an inch-wide chunk of hair and cut it short.

You may make sure the tinsel matches the rest of your hair by doing this. The knot won’t disappear into the rest of your hair; instead, it will stand out. This occurs when tinsel is added to the upper portion.

Hair tinsel process

Cut the tinsel into two halves. This should work even if you have long hair because the tinsel is typically rather lengthy. At the highest point loop, where your tinsel is folded in half, tie a slip knot. After that, make sure you have enough space to draw hair through it.

Then take an eighth-inch length of hair, which is considered quite little. Using a short hair length is ideal. This is because attaching the tinsel to your hair requires tying a knot in the following step. If the component is too big, it may even feel uncomfortable as it falls out quite quickly.

Desired look

The small amount of hair you just noticed should be held in one hand. Hold your tinsel by the slip knot with your other hand. Pull the hair portion through the opening of the slip knot to tighten the loop as you get closer to the scalp. To tie the hair tinsel, double-knot the two at the roots of the little section of hair and the tinsel. To finish the impression, carefully trim the tinsel to the length of your hair. Continue doing this until you get the desired look.

Multiple ways of using

There are more ways to use tinsel besides the slip knot approach. It might be fixed using microbeads. It’s considerably easier to achieve a longer-lasting appearance in this manner. You place a microbead near the roots of your hair to secure the tinsel to it. It functions similarly to beaded extensions. A bag of tiny beads, which are usually included with hair tinsel, pliers, and a hook are required. These are the actions we did:

Brushing your hair is the first step, as tangles can make things a little more difficult. To make pulling through the bead simpler, your hair must also be dry. Section your hair into one-inch portions, depending on how you want to part it, and clip it up. This step is especially important because you need to hide the microbeads that attach the tinsel to your hair. Applying the tinsel to the top part of your hair will make the microbeads quite visible.

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Glittering hair

Grab the glitter. Once the top section of hair is parted, secure it with a flat clip just above your portion. Scoop out a small piece of hair below the area where the tinsel was cut. Next, thread the hair and tinsel through the microbead using the attached hook.

After fishing your hair and hair tinsel through the bead, pull it up to your head. Next, secure the tinsel by clamping it with the pliers. To obtain the required quantity of tinsel, repeat the process as needed. Next, trim the excess tinsel carefully so that it is the same thickness as your hair.


Because hair tinsel is quite easy to manage, you may clean your hair as normally after applying it. The one area where you need exercise caution is with heat styling. Most tinsel is heat-resistant, but you are not interested in applying too much heat.

A few weeks are added to the life of tinsel by using the slip knot technique. When the knots come loose, the tinsel will finally drop out on its own. The tinsel with the microbead attached might last for around a month. Using the tools that came with your tinsel kit, gradually loosen the bead to expedite the process.

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