Receiptify: A Way To Generate Receipt Of The Most Played Song

Create Your Music List With Receiptify

You may use the web application “Receiptify Herokuapp” to find out what songs, artists, genres, and other content you love on Spotify, Apple Music, and Last.FM. This software will search through a user’s playlist history, which can span a month, six months, or the entirety of their history. Thus, following an app activity scan, it will compile a list of your preferred songs.

The presentation of this list, in the form of a sales receipt, is what makes it enjoyable. This may seem like a little thing, but sharing your favorite music with others can be a lot of fun and inventive when done in this manner. Michelle Liu created this web application, which is hosted by HerokuApp. It’s also important to mention how simple it is to utilize this software on your phone. Moreover, it is simple to use with Spotify, Last FM, and Apple. 

Main Features Of The App

This app will allow you to see the data from your most played tracks in the form of a receipt; however, there are a few extra features if you use Spotify. However, features will vary slightly depending on the music streaming platform you are using. If you are a Spotify user, you can also see the statistics for other details, including:


  • Danceability
  • Energy
  • Tempo
  • Acousticness
  • Speechiness
  • Averages Track Age
  • Average Artist Popularity

Users will find the entire experience considerably more enjoyable with this addition, but sadly, it is now limited to Spotify users. If you use Apple Music, the only data you can view is your all-time most-played music list. This feature is known as “Heavy Rotation.” Furthermore, you may create a top 10 list with your favorite songs from the previous week, month, three months, six months, and year if you use the app with Last FM.

Way To Use The App

Getting the user’s attention or following a social trend are not the only goals. It also involves developing a pattern in terms of the musicians, songs, and genres that you, as a user, choose and prefer. Hence, to utilize the app with music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others, follow these instructions:

  1. The first step is to visit the app’s official website and sign in to the desired streaming service. In addition, to use the service, you must enter your credentials.
  2. Locating “Top Artists” or “Top Tracks” on the streaming service is the second step.
  3. Setting a filter based on “Last Month,” “Last Year,” or “All Time” is the next step.

It successfully creates a list based on your preferences when you submit the criteria. As a result, you can now save or print it. The receipts provide more information on the tracks, artists, song durations, and other details. The albumreceipts Instagram account, which posts album setlists in receipt form, served as the model for the application. 

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Reasons To Choose Receiptify For Spotify

Look no further if you’re sick of losing track of your Spotify receipts; Receiptify is here to completely transform your Spotify experience. Additionally, maintaining a record of your membership payments is also beneficial.

Enhance Your Musical Experience

As a Spotify customer who enjoys music, you should have a smooth and trouble-free experience. With the app’s innovative approach, managing your Spotify membership is made simple by streamlining your receipts. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to the never-ending hunt through jumbled files and congested inboxes with the app.

Easy-To-Use Website 

All of your Spotify receipts may be more easily organized with the help of Receiptify’s user-friendly platform. Hence, bid farewell to the irritation caused by trawling aimlessly through emails or scrolling aimlessly in search of evidence of your payments. With only a few clicks using the app, all of your receipts are kept in one convenient area.

Provides Valuable Information 

It offers insightful data on your subscription patterns in addition to keeping a clean record of your Spotify payments. You get access to detailed data and analytics that let you monitor your monthly spending. It also aids in identifying patterns and making educated choices regarding your music usage.

Provides Security And Assistance

It places a high priority on your security and happiness. Their committed customer service team is there to help with any questions or issues you may have at any time. Furthermore, you may feel secure knowing that your data is fully private thanks to cutting-edge encryption.

Methods To Obtain A Receipt For Your Most Played Spotify Tracks

Here is a more extensive step-by-step instruction for utilizing Spotify Receiptify.

  1. Proceed to in your browser. 
  2. Select the Spotify Login option. 
  3. Log in by entering your credentials. 
  4. The app needs authorization to access your Spotify account. Click the AGREE button if you agree. 
  5. Select what you would like to see on your receipt. Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top
  6. Genres, Stats, and Search Albums are the options available to you. 
  7. Select the timeline: All Time, Last Month, or Last Six Months. 
  8. Finally, select if you want to display the Top 50 or the Top 10. 
  9. The receipt will be produced by the website. To save it, click the “Download Image” option. 


Discover a stress-free method of handling your Spotify receipts by selecting Receiptify now. Come together with numerous happy customers who have improved the organization and enjoyment of their music experience. With this website, you make a receipt of your most played song.

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