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Snapchat is without a doubt a highly popular social media application among those under the age of 18. Snapchat Planets order offers innovative enhancements that improve interaction.

Snapchat Planets order

There currently exists a multitude of options in the application itself. Snapchat often adds new features to its paid membership, such as altering the look of the smartphone application, determining who has viewed a story you uploaded, and labelling certain friends as close friends. To help you grasp the final one, Snapchat unveiled the Snapchat Friend Planetary System, an enhanced feature of its Plus subscription that offers your closest friends an entire galaxy of their own.

In the next section, we’ll define Snapchat Planets order, discuss their importance, and go over how they’re arranged. In the final section, we also go over how to share with others the Snapchat planet.

The very first -Mercury

The primary asteroid on the list, Mercury, represents your closest buddy or the person with whom you have spent the most time on Snapchat. This method will also be applied to the following eight closest Snapchat buddies; in a nutshell, each of your favourite eight pals will be assigned a celestial body according to how much you engage with them.

Similar to the real galaxy, the very first star in the Snapchat planetary system, Mercury, correlates to the individual’s closest buddy initially. Five heart-shaped red hearts surround a red planet, which is the emblem for Mercury.

The locations of the planets in the Snapchat application friend galaxy precisely mirror those of our actual galaxy, and each planetary body in your network of closest friends corresponds to a unique location. You are the Sun in your galaxy of Snapchat friends, and Mercury is linked with the person you snap and chat with the most efficiently, Venus with your next closest companion, and so on until you reach Neptune, your eighth closest companion.


Venus is the second celestial body in our galaxy and is said to be humanity’s second closest friend. Venus is represented as a light brown planetary with pink, blue, and yellow hearts revolving over it.


The third celestial body in the galaxy known as the Milky Way and the third best buddy of a human being is Earth. It is portrayed as having the same hue as the real Earth, with the moon, stars, and heart-shaped red dots all around it.

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The fourth closest Snapchat buddy to you is Mars, the fourth closest planet in the galaxy. Its emblems are a red galaxy with stars and a friendmoji with violet and blue hearts surrounding it.

As a result of Snapchat’s solar system replicating our own, Jupiter is comparable to an individual’s fifth closest friend. The programme shows a reddish-orange planet with richly coloured lines and stars circling it.


The individual’s sixth closest buddy is Saturn, which is located in our galaxy’s sixth from the sun. Its emblem is a planet with a ring of stars and vibrant colours.


The planet Uranus, represented by an olive-coloured globe without any hearts, is comparable to a Snapchat, the individual’s seventh closest friend.


Not to add, both the application’s galaxy and our own solar system, Neptune is the eighth planet and buddy on our list of planets. Remember that there is no love or life on our isolated Blue Planet.

Snapchat Premium

Basically, you have to be a Snapchat Premium subscriber before you can see where your planet is in your buddy’s galaxy. Just as you sign up, you’ll come across a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a bright golden frame anytime you access a friend’s account. You are one of the other’s eight best pals if you both possess the Best Buddies identity. The Friends logo, on the other end , shows that despite the fact they are not among your closest friends, you are.

Simply tap one of the symbols to see your relationship level on the Friend solar energy system. How near is represented by planets, every one of which stands for a different position on their list of closest pals, to further heighten the mystery. In their Snapchat planets system, for example, if you were Jupiter, you would be their sixth best friend.


The paid version of the app, Snapchat Plus, allows users to use additional data collection features. The Friend Planetary System is one of these exceptional features. With this feature, you may assign a spot in your own galaxy to each of your close friends. You are the sun, and this artificial galaxy comprises eight planets, much like the actual galaxy. A close friend or relative Bitmoji will be sitting on a celestial body that circles you. A companion is more beneficial when their galaxy is nearer your sun.

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