A comprehensive information about Snapchat planets

Among younger users, Snapchat is absolutely the most widely used social networking app. Snapchat Planets enhances the communication experience by offering exciting new features.

Snapchat planets

 The app already has a tonne of features. With its premium subscription, Snapchat frequently rolls out fresh functionality like changing the app’s appearance, seeing who has revisited the story you posted, and designating particular pals as BFFs. Snapchat Buddy Solar System, an updated function of Snapchat’s Plus membership that gives your close friends a planet of their own, was introduced to assist you understand the last one.

Significance and arrangements

We shall explain what Snapchat Planets are, their significance, and their arrangement in this piece of content. We also explain at the conclusion how to show other people the Snapchat galaxy.

You need to be aware of the appearance and operation of an actual universe. Every planet in our galaxy orbits the Sun and has a particular distance between them. If you use Snapchat Plus, you are your friend’s solar system’s sun.


Mercury, the very first Snapchat Planet on the planet list, stands for your best friend on Snapchat, or someone who you have longest streaks with. Your next eight closest friends on Snapchat will also go through this process; in other words, each of your top eight friends will receive a planet based on your level of interaction with them.

Mercury, the first planet in the Snapchat solar system, corresponds to the user’s first closest friend, just like in the real solar system. Mercury is symbolised as a red planet encircled by five red hearts.

Celestial body

Every celestial body on your circle of best friends correlates to a distinct place in the Snapchat buddy solar system, and the planets’ positions in the solar system match those of our own solar system exactly. Mercury is paired with the buddy you snap and chat with most effectively Venus with the next closest friend, and so on down to Neptune, your eighth best friend, as you are the Sun in your solar system of Snapchat buddies.


Venus represents the second closest buddy to people and is the second planet in the solar system. Venus is symbolised by a light brown planet with hearts in shades of pink, blue, and yellow orbiting around it.


Earth is the third planet in the Milky Way galaxy and a person’s third best friend. It is depicted as being the same shade as the actual Earth, surrounded by red hearts, stars, and the moon.


Mars, the fourth planet in the galaxy, is also your fourth closest Snapchat friend. A red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts encircling its friendmoji serve as its symbols.

Because the solar system on Snapchat is a copy of our own solar system, Jupiter is equivalent to a user’s fifth closest buddy. The application features an orange or reddish planet with stars orbiting it and deep orange lines.

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Saturn & Uranus

Saturn, which is sixth from the sun in our solar system, is the user’s sixth closest friend. A brightly coloured planet with a circle of stars serves as a symbol for it.

The Uranus planet, symbolised by a green globe devoid of hearts, is equivalent to a user’s seventh best buddy on Snapchat.


Not to mention, Neptune is the eighth person in your friend list within the app’s Solar System and is the eighth planet in our own solar system. Recall that this lonely Blue Planet is devoid of both life as well as love.

Planet’s position

Primarily, in order to see your planet’s position in your friend’s universe, you must first subscribe to Snapchat Plus. As soon as you subscribe, whenever you visit a friend’s profile, you’ll see a “Best Friends” or “Friends” emblem with a golden border. If you both have the Best buddies identification, you are considered each other’s eight best friends. On the other hand, the Friends emblem indicates that although they are not on your list of greatest friends, you are in theirs.

Friendship status

To view the friendship status on the Friend solar power System, just press on either of the emblems. To add even more intrigue, how near is depicted as planets, each of which represents a distinct spot on their list of best friends. For instance, you would be their fifth closest buddy if you were Jupiter in their Snapchat planetary system.


Users may use additional observations with Snapchat Plus, the premium edition of the app. Among these unique attributes is the Friend Solar System. You can use this function to give each of your close pals a position in your own solar system. This virtual solar system has eight planets, just like the real solar system, and you are the sun. The Bitmoji of a person who is close to you will be seated on a planet that revolves around you. A friend is a better friend the closer their planet is to your sun.

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