Snapchat Solar System: A New Discovery For Snapchat+ Users

Snapchat Solar System For Premium Users

The Best Friends Snapchat Solar System feature on Snapchat is only accessible to Plus subscribers. Planets are a component of the system that shows how friendly you are with other app users. Like the real solar system, the app features eight planets.

Hence, the “sun” represents you, and the “planet” allocated to your friends depends on how close you are to Snapchat. For example, you will know that someone is your “mercy” if they are your closest Snapchat buddy. It’s because Mercury is located in the solar system closest to the sun.

In a similar vein, which friend gets which planet in your buddy’s solar system depends on how close you are to them. Therefore, on Snapchat, planets stand in for your list of best friends. Since Pluto was expelled from the Solar System in August 2006, it is not included in the feature.

The Circular System Of The Snapchat+ Friends Solar System

Users of Snapchat+ get access to a Friends Solar System. Using a variety of planets, including Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and so on, it depicts their best friends. On your friends’ Friendship Profiles, if you have Snapchat Plus, you will see a gold-ringed “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge. 

If you both have the “Best Friends” badge, you are two of each other’s eight closest friends. On the other hand, “friends” indicate that although they are not one of your closest friends, you are one of their eight. Furthermore, you’ll see your friend seated on a planet when you tap on this badge with the golden ring.

Additionally, your face will be seen in the center of the sun. This stands for your fellowship. The closer your bond becomes, the closer the planet gets to the sun. The Friends Solar System on Snapchat operates in this manner.

The Meaning of Every Snapchat Planet and Their Order

Users of Snapchat frequently have questions regarding the Friends Solar System and Planets concept. This is because the app just shows pictures of the planets; it doesn’t provide their names, locations, or descriptions. Hence, we will explain the meaning of each planet and their arrangement to solve this puzzle.

Mercury: The First Planet

The first planet in Snapchat’s Friends Solar System is Mercury. It is near the sun. Because of this, it’s utilized to symbolize your closest and most connected Snapchat friend, who also seems to have the longest active Snapchat streak. A red planet with five red hearts surrounding it and a few sparkling shine emojis serves as Mercury’s representation.

Venus: The Second Planet

Venus is your second closest buddy and the second planet in the Snapchat solar system. It is symbolized by a planet that is light brown in hue and surrounded by hearts that are pink, blue, and yellow.

Earth: The Third Planet

The third planet in the solar system is Earth. On the app, it stands in for your third-best buddy. Earth is the most recognizable planet in Snapchat’s Friends Solar System since it has the same shades of blue and green. Additionally, it has a moon, stars, and red hearts around it.

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Mars: The Fourth Planet

Mars is your fourth closest friend on the Snapchat app and your fourth buddy in the solar system. Moreover, Mars is a fairly simple planet to identify since it is a red planet surrounded by purple and blue hearts and bright stars.

Jupiter: The Fifth Planet

Jupiter is your fifth-closest friend on Snapchat and the fifth planet in the app’s solar system. It demonstrates how wonderful your friendship is and that it is the largest one on the planet. Jupiter appears as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange bands and bright stars around it in the Snapchat Friends Solar System.

Saturn: The Sixth Planet

It is your sixth-closest friend on Snapchat and the sixth planet in the app’s solar system. Saturn appears as an orange planet with a ring and a few stars drifting close by in the Snapchat Friends Solar System.

 Uranus: The Seventh Planet

The seventh planet in the solar system of Snapchat is Uranus. That means on the app, it stands for your seventh closest buddy. Additionally, Uranus appears as a green planet with shimmering emojis and no hearts in the Snapchat Solar System.

Neptune: The Farthest Planet

In the Snapchat solar system, Neptune is the planet that is farthest from the Sun. Thus, on the app, it stands for your eighth closest buddy. Neptune appears as a blue planet with a wavy appearance and no hearts surrounding it in the Snapchat Solar System. However, there are only a few shimmering emojis around it.

Final Thoughts

The entertaining Snapchat Solar System feature keeps users engaged in the app. This is just one more interactive in-app experience, similar to Badges, Astrology, Games, and Snap Streaks, among others. Hence, these factors have made Snapchat extremely well-known among millennials and Generation Z.

On other social networking sites, Snapchat users frequently utilize planets to show off their friends. It’s among the many fantastic benefits of having a Snapchat Plus subscription. Try seeing your friendship planets as soon as possible if you have access to Snapchat+.

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