SOS Only On iPhone: Its Meaning And Ways To Fix It

The Meaning Of SOS Only On The iPhone

If the iPhone status bar displays “SOS” or “SOS Only,” it indicates that the device is not linked to a cellular network. Thus, it is not capable of supporting standard cellular communication. SOS/SOS Only does, however, suggest that you can still use your iPhone to make emergency calls.

When you’re outside of a service area, the SOS notification might appear on your iPhone. It could also show up in places where there is inadequate cellular coverage or connectivity, in rural regions, and tunnels.

“SOS and SOS Only” deviates from “No Service” in that it permits emergency calls to be placed to 911 or a similar number. However, “no service” denotes that there is absolutely no service coverage, not even in case of an emergency.

The Reasons Behind iPhones Show SOS or SOS Only

One of the following causes might be causing you to view the SOS Only message:

Weak Cell Signaling

The iPhone might not be able to connect to your carrier’s network if it is in an area with poor or nonexistent cellular network coverage. 

Carrier And Cellular Network Problems

There are occasionally problems with the network of your mobile provider. Thus, in this instance, the iPhone may show the notification “SOS” in the status bar.

Problems With SIM Cards

There’s a chance that the iPhone won’t connect to the carrier’s cellular network. It may happen if the SIM card it uses is broken or inserted incorrectly.

iOS Program Problems

Occasionally, software errors might interfere with the iPhone’s ability to join a cellular network. As a result, the display bar will indicate “sos” in this case. 

Random Glitch

The SOS message may occasionally appear due to a random quirk with the gadget, network, cell tower, or other source.

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Methods For Fixing “SOS Only” On An iPhone

The following actions may help you fix your iPhone if you find that it is showing the “SOS Only” status or that it shows “SOS” in the status bar or Control Center:

Move To A Place With Reliable Network Coverage

Relocating to a location with better network coverage is the best option to resolve the “SOS” issue on an iPhone. However, it’s common to see SOS on your phone when you’re in an isolated area, an elevator, or the basement of a building. Hence, when you relocate to a place that is inside your network carrier’s service region, everything ought to return to normal.

Turn On Airplane Mode

Sometimes, even in places where you recall receiving strong signals in the past, your iPhone gets stuck at SOS Only and displays the warning. Hence, this typically occurs when the connection isn’t being registered by your phone. Toggling your iPhone’s airplane mode on and off is one of the best ways to resolve this issue. This is how you do it: 

  • To access airplane mode, open Control Center on your iPhone and press the airplane icon. The icon ought to turn orange. After a pause of five to ten seconds, press the same icon once more.
  • As an alternative, go to Settings and activate the airplane mode option. Once more, give it a few seconds before turning it off.
  • Furthermore, spotlight search now provides a simple method to switch between system settings in the new iOS 17. Thus, simply look up “airplane mode” and flip the toggle to activate it.
  • Restart The iPhone

You may restart your iPhone to force it to re-establish a network connection if the airplane mode approach fails. Thus, be careful to switch off your iPhone, let it sit for a little while, and then turn it back on. You shouldn’t see SOS on the iPhone status bar until it has rebooted and you are within range of a cellular connection.

Verify With Your Carrier

A malfunctioning SIM card may be the cause of your iPhone’s frequent SOS Only mode, even in places where you shouldn’t have any connectivity problems. If this is the cause, get in touch with your network provider. Additionally, remember to inquire as to whether there is a carrier outage in your location.

While we’re at it, it’s important to note that an iPhone alone may experience an SOS due to a malfunctioning SIM card slot. Get your phone evaluated at the closest Apple shop to rule out the culprit. Thus, consider moving to an eSIM if you own an iPhone XR or a later model. Additionally, this method assisted several people in taking their iPhones out of SOS mode. Therefore, it is safe to give it a shot if you can.

Wrapping Up

SOS Only appears on iPhone status bars. It indicates that you are not connected to a cellular network or the internet. But in this case, you can make an emergency call. Nevertheless, you may resolve this problem by applying the techniques listed above. These techniques will undoubtedly assist you in resolving this problem. 

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