Tacos EL Gordo: The Ideal Spot to Satisfy Your Taco Cravings

The Reputation Of Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo is a family-owned restaurant. It was opened in 1972. However, Gordo has over 40 years of experience in the food service industry. Tacos El Gordo has built a strong reputation for excellence and quality in all areas of the services they provide to clients. They see their clients as a part of their family. In addition, they are grateful to every one of them for helping them and contributing to their success.

Gordo’s Taco Menu Variety

Tacos El Gordo serves a wide variety of real street tacos from Tijuana. Adobada tacos, in particular, are everything you could desire in a dinner. Freshly cut from the revolving spit, the pork is sweet, crisp, peppery, well-seasoned, and tender. After that, everything is stacked inside a freshly cooked corn tortilla and garnished with a creamy avocado salsa that includes cilantro and onions in pastel hues. Hence, the final dish is a gift from God.

Additionally, ask the cashier for their red and green sauces to enhance the experience even further. The amazing thing is that even with the generous amount of sauce, the meat’s flavor and sear are still noticeable. As a result, each bite is delicious as it fulfills its purpose and offers a welcome heat spike.

The adobada tacos are only the start, even though there are many other excellent foods served here. Tacos El Gordo offers a wide choice of different meats (such as carne asada, lengua, and buche) in a variety of other variations. Hence, it includes quesadillas, mulas, and tostadas to meet every demand.

The Ambience Of Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo is not a fancy restaurant. It is a restaurant serving tacos. This means putting your orders in at the counter, assembling your paper plate and plastic tray, and sitting down at the picnic tables made of plastic. However, you should look elsewhere for a fantastic sit-down supper in a cozy environment with excellent service if you’re only here for the ambience.

On the other hand, the taco restaurant is bright, modern, and tidy. Hence, it is not like the majority of other taco restaurants, which are little, obscure establishments.

This is a rather casual fast-food type of place, so service is limited. Furthermore, you must inform the cooks if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. But most of the cooks behind the counter seem to speak very little English, so find someone who can translate for you or look up the Spanish terms for culinary professionals.

Tacos El Gordo: Ideal For Culinary Adventurers

The daring eater will love Tacos El Gordo. Gordo serves tacos that you just must try. Let’s talk about tortillas for a moment first. They’re quite tasty. The texture of these superb hand-cooked corn tortillas is perfect.

Whether you’re an adventurous eater or not, Tacos El Gordo has something to offer everyone. If you’re a picky eater who would rather eat primarily “regular” meat, we recommend Carne Asada, Adobada (sometimes called Al Pastor), or Chorizo. However, if you want to try something different, consider the Azteca or Suadero. If you are willing to take a chance on unfamiliar cuts of meat and organ meats, you ought to consider trying the Tripa, Lengua, Bouche, or Cabeza.

A taco is a traditional Mexican food. Tacos taste great because Mexican cuisine uses a lot of spices and seasonings. Additionally, it is often made using a small, hand-sized tortilla made of wheat or maize with a topping of filling. You then use your hands to wrap the tortilla around the filling and consume it. Tacos may be served with a variety of fillings. This family-owned restaurant chain serves deliciously made Tijuana tacos. Furthermore, little corn tortillas are rolled with hot salsa, topped with fresh cilantro and onions, and stuffed with a variety of hot meats.

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Other Food Items Offered By Gordo

Fries and sopes are among the other foods Gordo serves. While Carne Asada fries are available at most taco establishments, Tacos El Gordo offers any of their meat toppings on fries. In addition, sopes are thick maize tortillas topped with meat that you may consume. Seafood is the only item absent from the menu. There are no fish tacos or shrimp tacos, as is common at taco stalls throughout Mexico. A large serving of lengua fries costs $16, while tacos start at $2.60.


One of San Diego’s most beloved eateries is Tacos El Gordo. Everyone has different tastes in choosing the food at Gordo. While some patrons adore their lengua fries and al pastor tacos, others are more partial to the beef asada and cabeza tacos. If you’re seeking authentic Tijuana-style tacos, Tacos El Gordo is by far the greatest taco stand in San Diego. Their tacos are amazing.

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