Zoil twitch streamers, height, age, net worth and bio

Zoil is a well-known social networking influencer and Zoil twitch streamers from the United Kingdom who is most known for streaming gaming on his Twitch channel. He has established himself as an iconic figure on the live site, with roughly one million followers.

Early age

Zoil was born on the fourth of September the year 2000, according to the star sign of Virgo, to British parents in Uk. He completed his schooling at a nearby school in his native town, yet information about his educational history is still unknown. Secret private data suggests that Zoil values privacy. He has no spouse and is single as of this moment. Despite having a varied cultural upbringing, he considers himself to be British. But details regarding his siblings and parents are still hard to come by.

Height and weight

Zoil is presently aged 23 years old, six feet eight inches high and approximately 96 kilograms in weight. He is a handsome man with medium brown hair and brown eyes. He wears size 15 footwear and has a strong temperament.

A few decades ago, Zoil started his broadcasting experience by opening a Twitch channel. His influencer career was facilitated by his adolescent gaming enthusiasm and his observation of well-known Twitch streams.

Fan following

With four to five live sessions a week, each lasting three to four hours, Zoil has amassed a devoted following over the years. His influence among the Twitch audience is demonstrated by his 1.5k k+ paid subscribers and over 165k fans at the moment.

Youtube channel

Started in the year 2015, his channel on YouTube began to gain popularity in the month of June 2020. He currently has approximately 5,000 followers and three hundred posted videos. He mostly uses the site to broadcast clips of his Twitch livestreams.

He used to like enjoying video games and enjoying famous Twitch streamers broadcast a lot when he was a teenager. At one time, he was motivated sufficiently to start a YouTube channel and seek a career as an activist. He covers a range of games, such as Rocket League, the game Winning Over It, L.A. Noire, and other titles. He streams for between three and four hours on average, four times every week. He has been broadcasting regularly for some time, and now he has a handful of thousand subscribers.

By the finish of the month of August 2021, he will have fifty thousand subscribers. He is connected with some famous Twitch broadcasters, such as Miskif. He just made an appearance on his transmission during which Miskif was made fun of for being so tall. Zoil is approximately two hundred centimetres high. Right now, he has approximately 83k followers, of which more than 1.5k are paid users.

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Career achievements

In addition, he launched a channel on YouTube on the seventh of March 2015. But in June of that year, he started posting videos. He posted almost 300 videos and has nearly 5,000 followers. He typically posts clips from his Twitch channel’s broadcasts to the site.

Zoil is estimated to have a total assets value of two million dollars. His main source of money is Twitch. Because he participates in the Twitch collaborative program, he is able to run advertisements during his live broadcasts. Then, he takes money from those who follow him while streaming.

Then, he receives revenue from memberships that are bought. More than one thousand five hundred active premium account holders are right now with him. Completing the calculations would yield a monthly income of a minimum $7,750 from memberships just for him. In addition, he earns a respectable livelihood through individual contracts.

Putting this out of the way, he might have further funding streams. But up to recently, he has never talked about them in public.


  • He has a community on the social network with more than 1.5k followers.
  • With more than five thousand subscribers, he runs the Zoil’s Set the Discord channel community.
  • His favourite Twitch broadcaster is XQC.
  • His favourite game is football.
  • He likes enjoying animated films, with the character One Piece being his favourite.
  • His all-time favourite singer is the rapper Kanye West.
  • He started Twitter in the month of December 2014 and now has more than 900 tweets and over 22 thousand followers.
  • He has approximately 500 fans on Twitter. This is the latest information available regarding Zoil.

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